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Sara's Review: In My Arms Tonight by Sasha Clinton

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: August 27, 2016

Genre: Romance Comedy

Length: 239 pages

Format: eBook

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What if you can’t help but hurt the person you love? Kat Cullen has it all—a staff writer position at the New York Times, beauty, independence—until she finds herself alone on the subway at night with a rapist. Saved by Alex Summer, a democratic candidate running for mayor of New York, she develops an unexpected friendship with him. Alex’s chaotic past is the kind of juicy scoop every political reporter dreams of—which is why he keeps it hidden. But as he starts falling in love with Kat, he opens up to her about his darkest secrets. What he doesn’t know is that Kat already knows all about him, and she’s on an assignment to expose his history. Caught between truth, love and ambition, two people must figure out the politics of the heart. Coming August 27th (available on Kindle Unlimited.)

Five (4.5) Boundless Stars

I was provided a copy of In My Arms Tonight in exchange for an honest review. This is book 2 in the NYC Singles series, however it reads fine as a standalone. The beginning of the book is tragic and sucks you into the horrible heartbreaking past of Alex Summer. All Alex wants is a place to belong and for someone, anyone to love him, truly love him. Even being a successful politician running for Mayor of NYC he still struggles with past hurts and insecurities. Alex is a character that you immediately fall in love with, at least I did.

Kat came across a self-involved bitch. She slowly grew on me but I never fell in love with her. I liked her stance on not wanting to be pestered constantly on having kids and getting married; but she comes off so aggressive, that it really didn’t make me love her as a character.

Kat’s dilemma in the story was interesting. She is dating Alex and they are in love yet he is hiding a sorted past. Being a reporter, sitting on such a juicy story, conflicts with her on a personal and professional level. Does she shirk love and run the story? Or does she sacrifice her integrity and bury the story?

This is a story that I really got into and finished in a day. Even though I didn’t love Kat, I fell in love with Alex. It made me really dig in and become absorbed in this world. Clinton wrote such raw emotions that I felt with every page.

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