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Stormi's Review: Haven of Evil by Melvin Rivers

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Released: April 17, 2014

Genre: Horror

Length: 264 pages

Format: paperback

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When floodwaters destroyed Kevin and Sandra Wilson’s home and personal possessions, the couple moved into a house in a town called Havenville. Kevin would learn about the house’s evil past after a series of eerie events.

Two Boundless Stars

Kevin and Sandra move into a new house after a flood destroys their home. The new house they move into is not all it seems to be. Along with the many fix ups that it needs, comes a terrible past. This past comes to haunt Kevin and Sandra. Bodies begin to pile up, voices are heard in the house, and they become suspects. What is the real truth about this house? I was really excited about this book. A good scary book is what I was expecting, but sadly it is not what I got. It had the makings of a good book because the story was good, but the writing was lacking. It was not very descriptive and so the scare factor wasn't there. All this crazy stuff is happening and and the house is obviously sinister, but I didn't get scared. It honestly felt like I was reading a script. It was emotionless. I hate giving bad reviews, but this book was nothing like it seemed in the synopsis.

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