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Sara's Review: The Melier: Home World (Women of Dor Nye #2) by Poppy Rhys

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Released: January 29, 2016

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Length: 303 pages

Format: ebook

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The continuation of Lucia's story as she adjusts to life with her new family. Not only is she completely out of her depth dealing with the Melier's deeply rooted hatred of humans, but she's trying to come to terms with Melierun's disturbing culture, and unorthodox mating customs, in the midst of a war she has no idea about, with an unseen threat that's determined to end her. All while trying to play nice with her monster-in-law, and gain her respect. The new life of an ex-bounty hunter is looking worse by the day. WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content involving multiple heterosexual males (m/f/m), graphic language, and situations intended for mature readers.

Four Boundless Stars

Lucia was just as funny in Home World as she was in the first; yet, she wasn’t in “heat” the way she found herself so many times in book one. What she did find herself in was a difficult situation. She travels to a planet where humans are abhorred, and she is treated like something to be scraped off the bottom of one’s shoe. This was really very heartbreaking to witness from Lucia’s POV. The Melier truly hated her just because of what she was, and never took the time to get to know her. Lucia puts on a brave face and endures, determined to make headway in the alliance between humans and Melier. Her courage was commendable.

Throughout her ordeal in dealing with the Melier’s blinding hatred, she also has to deal with the possibilities of taking on a second mate. It is Melier tradition and custom for brothers to share a mate, and at the end of book one, Val’Zun asked Soren if could join with Lucia. Soren left it up to Lucia. What to do what to do? One hunk or two? LOL! Lucia is appalled by the idea of taking on a second mate, and can’t understand the practice; but slowly, and with more time spent with Val’Zun, she changes her mind.

I personally felt that there weren’t as many explicit scenes in Home World as there were in book one, and for once I am OK with that. I know that is a shocker. I really enjoyed the story. The only thing that kept it from being 5 stars was, I guessed who the bad guy was pretty much right from the start. I hate that. When it’s supposed to be a mystery, I want it to be a mystery. I don’t like being able to figure out the plot and the end of the book from the beginning; which I did, yet at the same time, I still very much enjoyed getting from point A to B, even though I knew the destination in advance.

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