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Beth's Review: The Student Council by Lee Stone

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited


Released: April 14, 2016

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction

Length: 315 pages

Format: ebook

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Why would a sixteen-year-old want to burn down her high school? To mercurial Amy Westin, the answer seemed obvious: Because of all the good that would come from it. Guided by boundless imagination and empowered by a unique student council, she viewed the future as hers to design. With a clear vision for uplifting all those around her, the only transformation she couldn't foresee was her own. Author Lee Stone invites you to board the Amy Westin Express for a surprising and shocking ride with an extraordinary teenage conductor. First stop: Oil City, Pennsylvania, home of the Oil City Area High School Samaritans.

Four Boundless Stars

I was asked to read The Student Council and provide an honest review. This was NOT what I expected! As a teacher, I expected some sort of “high school drama” story; I was so wrong. Don’t get me wrong; the setting is in a high school and there IS drama, but it’s definitely NOT of the “high school” variety!

As a teacher, it was hard for me to read this without cringing just a little, as there were so many rules broken, by the teacher! And the description of how things worked within the administration was as fiction as it could get. Having said that; it was so entertaining! I’m sure it would have been extremely boring if all the rules were followed, and the inner workings of administration were accurate. Seriously; who wants to read about boring meetings all day!

I absolutely LOVED the main character, Amy, and all her friends. Her parents, and Trish, could have used a good beating from the “morals mallet,” but again, it was extremely entertaining. I would even say it was comical at times.

The dramatic suspense gives readers several twists. Oh my! I can’t say much without spoilers, but I can say I recommend it, regardless of your favorite genre.

The only negatives were; I think it would have been better if I didn’t find out about Trish until Amy did, and the ending was quick and a little strange. I still enjoyed it, and rate it with 4 Boundless Stars.

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