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Sara's Review: Hard Time (Hard As Nails Book 1) by Hope Conrad

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Released: May 24, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 175 pages

Format: ebook

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Muscled, tattooed, and irresistible. Thomas Street is an ex-con, but before he got out of prison, he locked eyes with her… The moment Street sees Katie serving food in a hellhole of a prison, he wants her. Her sweet little body against his. Under his. Her screaming his name until she admits she’s never had better. Now he’s found her again, working in a bookstore of all places, and she’s just as gorgeous as he remembers. Only Katie thinks he can be redeemed. That there’s a good man underneath his darkness. He’s not so sure. But then Katie becomes his. Katie and her daughter. And he’ll risk everything, including fighting the devil himself, to protect them.

2.5 (Three) Boundless Stars

I was asked to read and review Hard Times and give it an honest review. The book is currently free on a few sites. I found both Katie and Street to be utter contradictions. The first part of the book Katie is an abused mouse then she turns a complete 180 when Street comes back into the picture. I liked the second version of Kate better, but it was such a contradiction that it didn’t mesh well in my mind.

Then there is Street. He is depicted as this badass prisoner, Then he gets out, and I suppose he is showing depth, because he can sprout poetry. Conrad made him so darn wishy washy when it came to his feeling for Katie, there really isn’t anything badass about him. When she brings in a motorcycle club I’m shaking my head thinking for fucks sake!

Did I hate it? No. Did I love it? No. It was OK. I just like it when my Alpha is more alpha, or at least tied with the female lead in the story. When the chick is the one manning up and asking the hard questions like, Why you always running away from your problems? (Like a bitch) I can’t get behind that Alpha.

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