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Sara's Review: Human by J.


Publisher: Evil Genius Publishing LLC

Released: August 1st 2016

Genre: Sci-Fi, Post Apocalyptic

Length: 145 pages

Format: eBook

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Aid work was never "just a job" for Nassandra. But on Planet Earth, as head of the Inter-Galactic Aid Programme relief response, she found herself tested in ways she'd never imagined. As the last Native Earth tribes fought for their survival against the savage Rtulan who plundered Earth's very substance, Nassandra found herself caught in a drama of passion, struggle and an unexpected search for the essence of humanity.

Four (3.5) Boundless Stars

I was provided a copy of Human in exchange for an honest review. The story starts off with a depiction of what has unfolded to get earth where it is in the story, the year 2514. The planet has suffered a huge catastrophic event and the people are dying. At the same time a vicious group of aliens known as Rtlulan are pillaging Earth for its resources. The Aid group Earth Angel headed up by Nassandera a “System Human” or a human born off of Earth is leading the cause to bring food, shelter and medicine to the “Native Earth Humans”.

The imagery was terrific and I found the apocalyptic world terrifying and a place I wish to never see. The only issue I had was it seemed to jump around with no real smooth flow and bit disjointed at the transitions between chapters; yet Human was truly an interesting read, it showed how even in the toughest of times the one thing that all humans have is our believes and our pride.

But one thing I really took from the story was that even though Nassandra was a “System Human” with dark skin and surrounded by “Native Earth Humans” with light skin, they would press their hands together and say “Five fingers. Human.” Would it take an alien invasion for our planet to realize we are the same? We are Human!

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