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Cover & Trailer Reveal: My Soul Belongs to You by C.L. Hunter


In her second book, C. L. Hunter mixes romance, fantasy and steamy scenes to bring together two lives from different parts of the world.

Deacon is a strong willed Irish businessman living in Dublin, Ireland. Kate is a sheltered woman who works hard, so she doesn't have to deal with her disturbing past, in Hilton Head, SC. After months of denying their feelings, when they see each other again, the sparks unite, but will the past keep them from a future together? Thomas and Calista, two angles, will try to help them find their way. With each step they take, it seems to take them three steps back. In this enticing tale of forgiveness, discovery and healing you won't be able to stop turning the pages.


About The Author

Now, with her second novel in the 'Soul Mates Series' C. L. tells the story of Deacon and Kate. Two different lives living in two distant countries trying to find their way in this life. With over three thousand miles separating their mismatched lives, can they overcome the hurdles that lie in front of them. The author now shares their seductive tale with you. Hunter lives in Florida with her husband, autistic son, and their Irish water spaniel named Brody. She also has two grown daughters and two amazing granddaughters. She is currently working on her third novel, "Our Souls Entwined."

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