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Lissa's Review: Freeing Asia (Breaking Free #1) by E.M. Abel


Publisher: Self-Published

Released: August 11th 2013

Genre: Romance, Sports

Length: 420 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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How does a tomboy raised in a house full of men find the sensual woman inside of her? Growing up with a widowed, retired Marine as a father and two older brothers taught Asia to be tough. But how does she stop being one of the guys and learn to find the right one? Finding herself won't be easy, finding love will be even harder. Meeting Jay opens Asia's eyes to the possibility of love and unbelievable sex but can his country club world accept the woman more comfortable in torn jeans and flip flops? Or will she find the love she yearns for in the tattooed arms of her first love, a pro skater who has come back into her life? With the possibility of new love or closure from a painful first love, finding her path is riddled with uncertainty and discoveries but before she can follow her heart she must first set it free. **Not recommended for younger readers due to sexual content, recreational use of marijuana and language.**

Three Boundless Stars

I’d been wanting to read Freeing Asia for awhile. I loved a previous book I read by the same author. Freeing Asia, is a good story. It tells of Asia, a girl whose always been one of the boys. Never really realizing the beauty that she’s always held.

With the help of her friends, they hope to bring the confidence that they know Asia has. She then catches the eye of a man, whose rich but also very handsome. But as all things, it doesn’t go as planned and mix that in with the boy who got away.

This was a good story but unfortunately I didn’t love it. I did like the character development of Asia. The way she really grew through out this whole story. She was a shy girl before and really hid who she was. But was able to become this beautiful woman that was very confident on who she was.

Abel is a great writer, but I missed any kind of character connection. The dialogue from the characters was great but I feel that there was too much un-needed information. A little over descriptive on the day to day stuff. Didn’t really leave much to my imagination.

Freeing Asia, is a beautiful coming of age tale. I feel that a lot readers would fall in love with it. I just think it wasn’t for me.

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