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Sara's Review: LIAM (The Rylee Adamson Epilogues #2) by Shannon Mayer


Publisher: HiJinks Ink Publishing, Ltd.

Released: July 13, 2016

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy


Format: eBook

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My name is Liam, and I was an FBI agent, until I stepped into the world of Rylee Adamson. Now, I’m a Guardian, a wolf shifter whose very design is to protect those around him at any cost. The battle against Orion is done, the demons banished. In their wake, there are so many innocents who have lost their lives, their families, and their way. Three of them our now ours to raise—the ogre triplets. Three boys I’ve come to love as if they were my own. And they are dying. In a race against time, I must do the impossible. Find a female ogre willing to help us save the boys. A female from a species we had believed was wiped out. There is one reclusive tribe left—but they aren’t sharing anything but death. If I am to save my boys, I must face them down; and this time I must look inside myself and find a strength I did not know was possible, without Rylee at my side. If I fail, I fail not only my boys. I may fail the world.

Four Boundless Stars

I was provided an ARC of Liam in exchange for an honest review. You really need to read the full Rylee Adamson series to be able to appreciate the epilogues to those story; even more so, you MUST read the first Epilogue RYLEE, since LIAM picks up right where RYLEE leaves off. Now if you haven’t read RYLEE, stop right here, because there are a few spoilers to that book to come.

Liam is tasked with going back to Seattle to find an ogre wet nurse to save the triplets he and Rylee have adopted. He is in a rush against time to make it back before the babies succumb to their illness.

Like the rest of Shannon’s book this is a fast paced, non-stop, adventure from page one. Liam has been Rylee’s rock for so long, but with all the changes he has been through, is he really that same man and guardian? Can he be that for her, his family and his pack? Can he come through for his adopted children and save the day?

“I was no longer the man I once was, that the mirror didn’t show me a face I knew other than as someone I’d hated.”

I am so overjoyed that Shannon went back and gave us more Rylee and Liam. These are the characters you fall in love with, and they become a part of you. I hope that she will continue to keep them going. I missed them so much.

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