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Beth's Review: Gravedigger by Michael-Israel Jarvis

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Booktrope Editions

Released: October 24, 2015

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Length: 332 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Dead or alive. Good or evil. Hero or fugitive. Valo needs a specific solution to a grave problem. The human Claimfold and prigon Torzsi draw apart. War is promised in the West. Worst of all, the magi of Nagyevo are meddling with the dead. Perin is an apprentice Gravedigger: uneducated, unwanted, unsure. He may be the answer Valo needs, if he doesn't get killed before he works out what's going on. But of course there's the chance that fate hasn't called him after all. The gods are nameless and silent and the best laid plans have a way of going badly wrong. Enter the spade and sorcery world of Valo. Gravedigger subverts the expectations of that oldest of foes in fantasy, the dead that walk, in a fast-paced adventure through a world of culture, intrigue, magic and blood.

Five Boundless Stars

Perin, a young man learning to become a gravedigger, takes readers on his unusual and violent journey into manhood. Perin is a lone soul, he doesn’t have much to look forward to; yet, he is still kind, optimistic, and even a bit heroic.

Gravedigger is a well written story of fantasy. The characters are well developed and extremely well described; readers are made to feel as if they are literally in the adventure. I can’t get into too many details, for fear of spoiling it for future readers; but I can say, you’ll love it. I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves, fantasy, action, suspense, and a good hearted coming of age story. It’s a strong 5 Boundless Stars; I absolutely loved it.

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