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Sara's Review: The Melier (Women of Dor Nye #1) by Poppy Rhys

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Released: September 27, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Length: 243 pages

Format: ebook

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Running for her life, Lucia hijacks a stolen cargo ship only to find she’s not alone. A giant alien slave with no memory of his past is now her newest acquisition and she’s not quite sure what to do with him. Stuck together for seven days on her journey back to her home planet, Lucia tries to decide whether to keep him or free him all while trying to outrun the pirates pursuing her, and her own desires. WARNING: This story contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, some violence against women, and situations intended for mature readers.

4.5 (Five) Boundless Stars

I don’t know how I stumbled upon this book, I think it was in my recommendations on Goodreads. I LOVE my aliens. LOL. The story starts off exciting with Lucia running for her life and stealing a cargo ship; unbeknownst to her there is an extremely large four armed blue alien on board. Slave 892 doesn’t know anything but slavery; when Lucia comes on board and claims she is his new master, he goes along with it, she even gives him a name, Soren. This evokes so many feeling in Soren. Feelings aren’t something a slave is supposed to have; yet, Lucia brings out many, many felling in Soren.

I really liked Lucia; her internal Mongol made me laugh. The girl is CRAZY; She will have a full blown back and forth conversation with herself. My mother use to do this, OUTLOAD. I find the trait slightly bonkers; yet endearing and familiar. Her relationship with Soren and all the sex was scorching hot. The only issue I had was how she lost all her inhibitions towards the end; it just seemed out of character, and a bit forced. I’ve read reviews on the second book, so I know where things are headed. I understand why those scenes are there, they just don’t feel genuine to her character. It felt like the author pushed her where she wanted the story to flow; I hope that makes some kind of deranged sense. LOL

Soren I LOVED; he is a huge protective alien that doesn’t know who he is, yet immediately wants to protect Lucia. The only issue I had with his story-line is, he was given four arms and the author really didn’t do much with those two extra arms; occasionally, they would make an appearance but for the most part, nothing. I would have liked to see them in the story, especially used in the more intimate scenes with Lucia.

Overall, I found The Melier to be extremely exciting, erotic, funny, yet some scenes are so heartfelt, and others can cause such pain and anguish. I loved it and really can’t wait to read book 2 The Melier: Home World.

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