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Stormi's Reviews: Carrie Welton by Charles Monagan

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Penmore Press LLC

Released: March 13, 2016

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

Length: 239 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Eighteen-year-old Carrie Welton is restless, unhappy, and ill-suited to the conventions of nineteenth-century New England. Using her charm and a cunning scheme, she escapes the shadow of a cruel father and wanders into a thrilling series of high-wire adventures. Her travels take her all over the country, putting her in the path of Bohemian painters, poets, singers, social crusaders, opium eaters, violent gang members, and a group of female mountain climbers.

But Carrie’s demons return to haunt her, bringing her to the edge of sanity and leading to a fateful expedition onto Longs Peak in Colorado. That’s not the end, though. Carrie, being Carrie, sends an astonishing letter back from the grave and thus engineers her final escape—forever into your heart.

Four Boundless Stars

Carrie comes from a rough home life where she feels unloved and unwanted. She breaks free and makes her way to New York. After years away and a small taste of freedom, she finds her way back home. While there she leads a solitary life and after her death she leaves behind a secret that finally sets her free forever. This book was long and slow reading, but at the same time it was captivating. This book painted a colorful story of this time period and told a very sad tale of a young woman pained by her existence. It really made me feel for her and her many horrors she faced. Overall this book was written well, told a captivating story, and kept me reading late into the night.

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