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Stormi's Review: Indiana Belle (American Journey Book 3) by John A. Heldt

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: John A. Heldt

Released: April 14, 2016

Genre: Historical Fiction, Time Travel

Length: 295 pages

Format: ebook

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Providence, Rhode Island, 2017. When doctoral student Cameron Coelho, 28, opens a package from Indiana, he finds more than private papers that will help him with his dissertation. He finds a photograph of a beautiful society editor murdered in 1925 and clues to a century-old mystery. Within days, he meets Geoffrey Bell, the "time-travel professor," and begins an unlikely journey through the Roaring Twenties. Filled with history, romance, and intrigue, INDIANA BELLE follows a lonely soul on the adventure of a lifetime as he searches for love and answers in the age of Prohibition, flappers, and jazz.

Five (Huge) Boundless Stars

In the third book of this series you meet Cameron. He finds himself enthralled with some letters and a picture of a young woman named Candice Bell, who is an ancestor of Professor Bell. Cameron uses these letters and some important information that Professor Bell wants, to get himself a place in the world of 1925 through time travel. He learns that the young woman is murdered and against Professor Bells wishes he thinks it is his job to save her on this journey to the past, despite the trouble that it may cause in history. Will he go against the wishes of his benefactor or will he let history play out the way it did the first time? Let me just say, Candice and Cameron have an amazing story to tell. Indiana Belle was a great addition to this series and shed so much light on the previous books and the history of the time travel tunnel and the gyms that control the travel. It really helped to understand this series. It also paints a wonderful picture of the Roaring 20's. It covers Prohibition, the Ku Klux Klan, and so much more history. It was my favorite book in this series so far. It was written so well and kept me reading late into the night. I have to say that this series has been the best time travel series I have read so far. I do look forward to reading more from such a talented author and hopefully more books to come in this series.

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