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Lissa's Review: November by D. Lee

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: DeLePress

Released: December 2, 2014

Genre: LGBTQ, Erotica

Length: 11 pages

Format: ebook

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November is the story of a college student whose unexpected desires are awakened in a romance with her very attractive college professor: "Her name was Iris Janis Janakova. Others called her Dr. Janakova. In public, I also called her Dr. Janakova. In private, she asked me to call her other names." "She made it absolutely clear that in public we were to have no relationship whatsoever. For me, it was agony. She had awakened fires in me that now burned constantly. I no longer was a body. I had become an oven." "I would wait for her calls with the same need a baby waits for its mother’s touch. As I waited, from somewhere deep within me, a voice I had never before heard would tell me that unless she called soon I would disappear; that whatever or whomever I was would cease to be. I accepted the truth of those words without question. They seemed somehow right. Even now, I think they were."

Three Boundless Stars

November is a short seductive read. With just 11 pages you don't really get any kind of depth with the characters.

It was almost like she was writing in her journal about this moment in her life where she was sleeping with an older woman. I did enjoy it but I think this short could be so much more.

Overall, I give this short Three Boundless Stars.

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