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Stormi's Review: September Sky (American Journey #1) by John A. Heldt

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: John A. Heldt

Released: January 1, 2015

Genre: Time Travel, Romance

Length: 412 pages

Format: ebook

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When unemployed San Francisco reporter Chuck Townsend and his college-dropout son, Justin, take a cruise to Mexico in 2016, each hopes to rebuild a relationship after years of estrangement. But they find more than common ground aboard the ship. They meet a mysterious lecturer who touts the possibilities of time travel. Within days, Chuck and Justin find themselves in 1900, riding a train to Texas, intent on preventing a distant uncle from being hanged for a crime he did not commit. Their quick trip to Galveston, however, becomes long and complicated when they wrangle with business rivals and fall for two beautiful librarians on the eve of a hurricane that will destroy the city. Filled with humor, history, romance, and heartbreak, SEPTEMBER SKY follows two directionless souls on the adventure of a lifetime as they try to make peace with the past, find new purpose, and grapple with the knowledge of things to come.

Five Boundless Stars

I didn't know exactly what to expect when I picked up September Sky. I love time travel books and this gives a new perspective I have never read before. I was delightfully surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. Chuck and Justin are father and son. Chuck loses his job as a reporter and Justin decides to drop out of college. Both decide a break is called for. In a chance encounter they meet a man that will change their lives and their views as they know it, FOREVER. He offers them the chance to travel through time. Who wouldn't except this amazing, yet skeptical, opportunity? They go on an amazing journey from 2016 to 1900. Along the way they meet new people, fall in love, save lives, fight the weather, and build brand new lives. The journey is definitely a great one to read about. This book was different then any other time travel book that I have read. It was colorful and full of interesting concepts and vivid imagery. It had action, history, and interesting characters. It was a great book from start to finish. This is by far the best time travel book I have ever read to date. I definitely look forward to reading more from such a talented author.

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