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Lissa's Review: Reason to Believe (White Lace #2) by Gina Gordon


Publisher: Loveswept

Released: July 5th 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 256 pages

Format: eBook

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Grace Nolan is doing her best to conform to the rigid corporate world and put her history as a paid escort behind her. And even after seeing the worst that men have to offer, she still hasn’t given up on finding love with the right guy. But right now, Grace could use a distraction to take her mind off her nonexistent love life. The trouble is, giving fashion advice to a former fling with rock-hard abs and a bad-boy attitude isn’t exactly what she had in mind. After working his way up from cameraman to vice president of an adult media company, Ben Lockwood is floundering. While he reevaluates his future, he asks the most poised and polished woman he knows to make him look respectable. Ben even swears off sex, which makes spending time with Grace pure torture. It’s only a matter of time before they give in to the heat—but unless Ben confronts what his heart has been denying, they may both get burned.

Four Boundless Stars

Reason to Believe, is really a heartfelt, steamy read. There is more to it then just the sex. That’s what I really got from it.

Ben is the VP of White Lace, it is a company that produces porn. I actually found it interesting. He isn’t close to very many people because of his past. But with Grace things seem to change. I thought it was quite funny that both were being celibate but i could see for good reason. Grace was an escort and trying to runaway from her past. I get why she doesn’t want anyone to know what she’s done previously. But in a world like today, people can really find out anything you’ve done in your past.

I didn’t read White Lace #1, so I really didn’t know what happened in the last book. But I think you could read it as a standalone. It would still be interesting to go back and read the first one. I really do like to read in order, but really didn’t have time to go back.

I’ve never read anything from Gina before. But I found that her writing was done well and was able to keep me interested in what was going on. But it did take me awhile to really get into the story. But once it got going, I really couldn’t put it down.

Overall, I give this book Four Boundless Stars. I really did enjoy it and I’ll have to go back and read the first!

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