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Lissa's Review: Crazy Stupid Love (Crazy Stupid) by Melissa Toppen

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Daft Empire

Released: April 19, 2016

Genre: New Adult, Erotic, Romance

Length: 199 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Crazy Stupid Love is the first of three STANDALONE novels in the Crazy Love series. I want him... Unlike I have ever wanted anything before in my entire life. I knew it from the very moment his eyes met mine; the way my skin burned under his dark gaze. I knew nothing would ever be the same again. Decklan Taylor isn’t just tempting, he’s dangerous; a storm who destroys everything in his wake. But even as I stand in the path of his force, I can’t turn away. While he may be the very thing that breaks me, he’s also the only thing that has ever made me feel alive. Crazy Stupid Love can be read as a standalone novel or as the first book in the Crazy Love series. It is intended for mature audiences and is NOT recommended for readers under the age of 18.

Three Boundless Stars

Crazy Stupid Love, follows Kimber and Decklan. They're total opposites. Kimber is trying to get away from a life that she feels isn't right. Decklan is beating himself up every day because of an accident that caused turmoil in the family.

I really didn't like Decklan. He was really stubborn. He felt because of one terrible accident, that everything was to blame on him. He carried that with relationships. Sleeping with a girl and moving on. Over and over. He is a bit of a Jerk. But of course he meets Kimber. Who's different, and isn't willing to give him up. But this was a constant theme throughout the story. I really wanted to slap him a couple times and tell him to stop being so stupid.

Their instant connection was believable but still I felt something was missing between them. I wasn't fully engrossed in the story. The characters, I really didn't have a connection with. So if really felt like I was watching them, not really in their heads. If that makes sense? There were a lot of emotional moments but didn't crossover on the page.

Overall, I feel this is a good story about being lost but being able to find love. Finding someone that can really see who you are. That's not willing to just let go, when it gets rough. I give this story Three Boundless Stars!

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