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Beth's Review: Thunder Beneath My Feet by Carolyn Mulford

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Carousel Books

Released: February 5, 2016

Genre: Children's, Historical Fiction

Length: 188 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Teenage Betsy takes charge of her younger brother and the family farm near New Madrid, Missouri Territory, when their mother rides south to nurse her husband. Four night later, December 16, 1811, a powerful earthquake and aftershocks hit. Brick buildings turn into rubble. Log cabins catch fire. Tall trees split up the middle. The Mississippi River runs backwards. While neighbors declare the world is ending and flee, Betsy contends with weeks of terrifying shocks and shakes, an unknown thief, and life in a lean-to with four secretive strangers.

This historical novel about some of the nation's most powerful earthquakes will appeal to tweens, teens, and any readers who enjoy history.

Five Boundless Stars

Little Betsy is a typical shy 15 year old girl until she is left to take care of her 10 year old little brother, Johnnie. She is forced to grow fast and make difficult decisions when her home is threatened by the destructive Earthquakes of 1811. She quickly goes from taking care of her farm, home, and brother, to caring for several other people from the community.

Thunder Beneath My Feet is an historically accurate tale of life changing natural occurrences of 1811. Set in the new Madrid, Missouri area, Betsy is forced to flee her home to travel north in order to keep her brother safe.

This suspenseful drama hooked me from the first page and I read it within two days, I just could not put it down. I highly recommend Thunder Beneath My Feet; this is one of those rare books everyone can enjoy. I absolutely loved it and give it 5 Boundless Stars.

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