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Lissa's Review: This Would Be Paradise: Book 2 (This Would Be Paradise #2) by N.D. Iverson

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Released: April 2, 2016

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian

Length: 322 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Community connotes safety and togetherness--or does it?

Bailey and Chloe head back on the road, where they come across strange markings belonging to a group intent on bloodshed and abduction. With this heinous enemy lurking in the shadows, they seek help in new and old friends along the way. When they arrive at Hargrove, nothing is what it seems inside the makeshift, post-apocalyptic community. People are turning up dead, and for once, zombies aren't the ones to blame. Fingers are pointed, everyone is a suspect, and no one is safe outside or inside these walls.

Four Boundless Stars

In Book 2 we start off pretty much where the first left off. Bailey and Chloe are still on their own in the Zombie Apocalypse. Bailey is still so faraway from home and not knowing where any of her friends are.

There’s one thing I love about Bailey, she really adapts to this world. Takes care of Chloe like she promised. And she soon learns that, in this world, the survivors are the worst of it. There may be a ton of infected but the survivors are very dangerous. You can’t trust really anyone. She is cautious at times, in which she should be.

The story could be a little bit slow at times. Since there’s not a ton of action but it’s a story about surviving. Bailey has to learn how to deal with a lot of characters and a lot of difficult situations, all the while still holding on to her humanity.

Iverson is really a good writer and I love how she writes. This is super enjoyable and I think it’s great. I love all kinds of zombie themed books, if they are done right. And this one is done right. It will be interesting to see what happens in Book 3. The ending I didn’t see coming and I’m sad about one of the characters. But that’s the thing about these types of books. It’s easy to grow close to characters. And then have them ripped away.

Overall, I give this story Four Boundless Stars.

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