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Lissa's Review: Resuscitate (Annihilate series) by S. Morayla

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: March 12, 2016

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Length: 335 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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Obliteration. He destroyed my world in a single moment. Destruction. What was left in the wake of the deceit. Catastrophe. I was left to pick up the pieces of this complicated puzzle. Exhausted. I don’t think I can take much more. Broken. There is nothing left but the shell of who I once was. Gasping. My soul is aching to re-emerge. Strong. Like the lotus flower that grows from mud, I too will rise above the muck and blossom beautifully. When I look at the girl before me, I know she has been through quite an ordeal. She has a fearless spirit about her that won’t give up; no matter how many times life pushes her down. She may say she is exhausted, but I’m here to carry her when she cannot walk. She may say she is broken, but I’m here to help her fix the shattered remains. She may be gasping, but I’m here to put air in her lungs. I’m here to resuscitate her.

Five (4.5) Boundless Stars

Resuscitate is really a unique story, that was written like poetry.

Natalee has been going through a lot and has been depressed for awhile. With the help of a therapist and a push from her dad. Natalee begins college. A time of self discovery and hopefully new friends.

Though Natalee's journey is a tough one. She finds herself with friends who are like family. With Zayne there to help her through, is able to get past the darkness that haunts her.

"I can't remember the last time I felt this... Free."

You don't really know what's happened to Natalee and you learn really slowly what happened to make her the way she was. I really wanted to know, so that really kept me hanging on and wanting more. There are parts of her you don't really know, she keeps hidden from others, as well as the reader. So there's a bit of mystery intertwined in this story.

Though, this story really touched on tough subjects. That are quite shocking but Morayla really did it well, she writes beautifully. This is her debut, so it will be interesting to see what she has in store next!

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