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Beth's Review: The Keeper's Light (Legend of The Keepers Vol. 1) by Anjillica Navarro

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Released: January 26, 2016

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Length: 322 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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The ability to choose is a powerful thing. With every choice made The Light of Wills grows more radiant, protecting the sanctity of choice. Elizabeth's parents had been The Keepers of that power. They were the protectors of individual will, until a clandestine enemy discovered a way to corrupt it. Her parents bestowed The Light of Wills, a weight heavier than the world, into her newborn heart years ago. With a fight ahead, facing an already victorious foe, Elizabeth must learn of her heritage. Against unprecedented tempests, she must learn what it means to be a Keeper.

Five (Huge) Boundless Stars

When it comes to young adult fantasy, Navarro nailed it! The Keeper's Light was fantastically magical from beginning to end! The characters were well developed and introduced to readers in a brilliant way. I love how she started it with Elizabeth as a typical farm girl enjoying life as she knows it when the action packed mystery starts. I was drawn in from the beginning; only to find myself unable to put it down throughout the entire book.

The Keeper's Light has mystery, suspense, action; rivalry, and romance; and twists that will make you say “Whhhaaattt?”

Elizabeth’s parents were the keepers of The Light of Willis, which protects the sacredness of choice; they granted the power of the light to their only newborn daughter right before their untimely death. She was sent away from her would be rivals with appointed protectors, whom she knows as family and friends. She lives her life happily as an average little girl until her rival discovers her. This is where the story begins.

I can’t say much more without spoilers so I will just say, this is a HUGE 5 Boundless star book and I HIGHLY recommend it.

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