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Lissa's Review: # I'm Zombie: A Zombie Mosaic Novel by Tony Newton

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Cosmic Egg Books

Released: May 27, 2016

Genre: Science Fiction, Horror, Dystopian

Length: 313 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Accounts from the zombie apocalypse - letters, notes, documents, chatroom and forum fragments from the day a mystery virus is unleashed at an uncontrollable rate. As the virus sweeps the globe, no one is safe from its clutches. With mass hysteria, panic, breakdown of infrastructure, no law in place and very little food and water, how long could you survive? Don't believe all you read online...but it might just save your life if you do! This virus has gone viral!

Three Boundless Stars

# I’m Zombie, is a pretty unique take on the whole Zombie Apocalypse. It’s full of Memos, documents, chats etc.. Now, it sounds pretty awesome and I think it’s a cool idea. It did feel a little drawn out. With it being over 300 pages. It didn’t really hold my attention, like I would've liked.

I’m a Zombie fan and it anyone follows our blog, knows that. I just didn’t have the effect, the excitement that comes from Zombies. I know it’s basically the other side of the story. The side you really don’t get to see often.

This is not a bad review, Just let me say that. The story itself was written really well. It just didn’t do it for me. I think Tony really has a great imagination and a good hold on what would happen if there was an actual Zombie Apocalypse.

Overall, I give this book Three Boundless Stars. I think it was a good story.

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