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Sara's Review: Spin (Corruption #1) by C.D. Reiss, Mindy Kennedy (Narrator)

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Released: March 10, 2014

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: 239 pages

Format: ebook, paperback, audiobook

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Theresa Drazen can have plenty of guys, but the one she can't keep away from....the one she's just about addicted to, is more than forbidden. With felony-black eyes and a mouth built for lies, loving him is one step away from illegal. But her body keeps overriding her brain. Maybe it's time to stop playing by the rules. ------- Antonio is obsessed. Theresa's the last woman he should touch. She's going to get him killed. She's dangerous. Poison. The wrong woman. Except...she's perfect. And they both more time. Just one more time. One more time and they won't get killed. One more time and they won't get caught. One. More. Time....... **MATURE AUDIENCES--Rough sex. Dirty talk. Criminal activity. Cursing. Fisticuffs. Closed course. Professional driver. Do not try this at home.**

Four Boundless Stars

Spin took me a bit to get into; first I was like, “what is this and why on earth did I buy it?” I had to go back and read the blurb, because the start of the book is NOT what I normally enjoy; Reiss’ writing style also took a bit getting used to. She likes writing in similes A LOT.

“His eyes were black as a felony…”

When I first heard that, I was like “WTF?” I moved on; however, the story is chalked full of this type of descriptive writing that doesn’t always make sense, or it makes sense in an abstract way. Not my forte; I’m a straight forward kind of gal, just say his eyes are dark or black, or blue or whatever. I don’t want to have to guess at what you are writing about.

This type of story is one of my favorite; I love bad boy stories where the bad boy is so extremely protective and likable you just want to love him. Yet, I didn’t fall in love with Theresa, that much; she kinda got on my nerves., especially with the name calling during sex. I mean what’s with that? Give a guy a complex already. I LOVED Antonio: I just can’t decide if I want them to make it or not, since I haven’t fallen in love with Theresa. With Antonio being the type of man he is; he’s not accustomed to strong independent women and his hands are full with her. I loved how crazy he was for her. Theresa did start to redeem herself towards the end of the story, but I still like Antonio more.

Mindy Kennedy did a superb job narrating the story and I will be looking for more work read by her. Overall, Spin is a great start to a new Mafia Romance Series; I have already purchased the second audio book. It’s fast paced, steamy, erotic story with an uber hot Italian bad boy; the accent is sexy too. Yummy!

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