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Jen's Review: The Zombie Rule Book: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide by Tony Newton

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Cosmic Egg Books

Released: January 31, 2014

Genre: Horror

Length: 133 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Rules and tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse. The following information may save your life. This book is designed to fit perfectly in your bug-out bag! If you are prepared for the zombie apocalypse you are prepared for anything! Throughout this book you will learn how to survive in the event of a zombie apocalypse and learn how to be a survivor! Use the following information to your advantage. Think like a survivor - when the zombie apocalypse descends upon us you will be a few steps ahead of the rest. Read, re-read, practice and apply, train hard and always think smart, you are a born survivor. This book of zombie survival rules will be a great asset to anyone preparing themselves for the zombie apocalypse.

Three Boundless Stars

In the beginning I was very excited about this book, around midway that feeling fell flat. The rules in the book became repetitive but still expressing the same idea. If the rules were expanded with more detail and a little more humor there is a huge potential for this book.

It is still a great collectors item for the horror and zombie lovers alike.

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