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Lissa's Review: Protecting Her: A Student/Teacher Romance Novel (Teaching Her Book 1) by George

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited


Released: March 6, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 217 pages

Format: ebook

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He's more dangerous than she thought. Violet thought a week or two of embarrassment would be the worst outcome of being dared to hit on Mr. Brennan. Instead, she got threatening notes and attacked in her back garden. Mr. Brennan is neck-deep in his problems, and Violet finds herself right in the middle of them. He tries to protect her, but being pushed together ignites a burning tension that only lands them in even hotter water. As the stakes sky-rocket, Violet and Mr. Brennan are forced to make tough choices one after the other. Can they make it through, or will the pressure tear them apart? Protecting Her is a standalone student/teacher romance novel with a happily ever after, intended for over eighteens only.

Two Boundless Stars

It took me awhile to really get into this story. I didn't feel the chemistry that you should with two people coming together. It was a bit dull for me at times.

Violet is in her senior year and with a Dare she flirts with her Teacher Mr. Brennan. From there she gets involved with him. Mr. Brennan has a loan from a loan shark and the loan shark aka Barry, starts threatening him. For some reason Barry believes Violet is his girlfriend but I was left not understanding why. There would be no indication that they were. So I was a bit lost with that.

There was enough danger to keep me reading but overall I feel that this could of been better. It lost me at moments and then would have some good moments. I don't mind a student/teacher romance but this fell a little flat for me.

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