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Beth's Review: The Pendant Saga: Book One: Picaroons and Pembertons by J.A. Knighted

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Boston Tuxedo Books

Released: November 22, 2015

Genre: Children's, Literature & Fiction

Length: 146 pages

Format: ebook, paperback

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Join the Pemberton children as they experience the adventure of a lifetime. Through circumstances beyond their control, they discover a powerful relic in the desert sands, and are cast into an epic tale that spans generations. Follow ancient maps, and battle sea beasts, in the land of Eylenda - as you become part of a larger story that began with the stars. This book is one part Indiana Jones, with two parts Boxcar Children, and a sprinkle of Dr. Who.

Three Boundless Stars

This is a cute story and it would be OK for middle school aged readers, but their reading level and ability to analyze inferences should be taken into consideration. There’s a lot of new vocabulary to introduce before starting this book; it also requires some previous knowledge of like stories, as there were some references I didn’t understand, as I haven’t read a lot of books in this genre. Some students may need help with this book; it has metaphors some children may struggle with. I would not recommend this for autistic or other special needs that may become frustrated with indirect writing.

It would be a great book for advanced readers and upper middle school to high school level readers. Personally, I found it hard to become engaged in the story, but I’m an adult, not a middle school student. I do enjoy reading a lot of books with my daughter, whom is at this reading level, but this type of book was not her cup of tea; I finished it alone. It did become a little exciting towards the last half of the adventure; however, it was not a smooth read.

Overall, the story was cute and I liked it, but it could have been better. I would classify The Pendant Saga: Book One: Picaroons and Pembertons as a 3 boundless star book.

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