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Stormi's Review: First Night (The Oneiro Rangers, #1) by Erwin Blackthorn

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Erwin Blackthorn

Released: May 30, 2015

Genre: Horror, Dark Fantasy

Length: 105 pages

Format: ebook

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When a Nightmare is on the loose, the Oneiro Rangers are on the case! Normlock, a city filled with dark corners and deep alleys, made in a world covered by the dominant night sky. Nightmares, creatures made of our most horrifying dreams, coming to life and running amok. Combining horror and noir, First Night is just the beginning to the much awaited Oneiro Rangers series.

Two Boundless Stars

This book is a fast read. Its filled with a crazy world where nightmares are real and must be fought. Students are taught to fight these things. When the Oneiro Academy faces an attack a small group of students and one teacher is left to fight. This book was a bit different. I'd explain it as a fantasy world where nightmares are real and can attack people. It wasn't a bad and actually had a decent amount of action towards the middle and end and it was written well. Yet, at the same time this world is very different and in my opinion isn't explained much. It makes it a bit hard to fully grasp and was a bit confusing. I wish the prologue had included what world this is and a bit of background. But, if you like fantasy it may be just up your alley.

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