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Stormi's Review: In Love and War by Evelyn Smith

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Phoenix International, Inc

Released: September 10, 2012

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

Length: 218 pages

Format: ebook

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Was World War II the last "good war," as it has been called, or is "good war" really an oxymoron? In this memoir, spanning six decades of her life, and as many wars, the author admits that December 7, 1941, and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor left us no choice about getting into WW II. But what about the others -- beginning with Korea, which has been called America's "Forgotten War?" Her story begins in the first full year of that war, 1951, when, as a girl of nineteen she "falls for a uniform" and hastily marries a boy she barely knows. Against all odds, the marriage lasts for 22 years, but finally ends in heartbreak. Now middle-aged, she finds love again with a man who is everything her first husband was not (strong, reliable, caring), but that marriage is short-lived and ends tragically. As much about war as it is about love, In Love and War suggests that warfare, at least since WW II -- that last "good war" -- is folly. And so, perhaps, is love. Not everyone will agree with her conclusions, but some may be persuaded by her argument that two things (besides death and taxes) are inevitable. They are love and war.

Five Boundless Stars

I have never reviewed a memoir. That said, I love history and In Love and War opened my eyes to the past. This is a story that is real. Real life, real people. This book shows the past of a young woman and young man as they fall in love during the Korean War. They marry quickly and go about their lives as the war rages on at home and across the world. The years roll by and Eve finds out that love and war is not always a great romance. This book showed the love of a budding relationship, the ups and downs of a broken marriage, and the pain that break ups bring. It is a very colorful story of love, war, hope, and starting over. It touched my heart.

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