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Beth's Review: Dark Stallions (Legend of the Centaurians #1) by William E. Simpson

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Wildhorse Ranch Productions

Released: March 15, 2016

Genre: Young Adult, Fanatasy

Length: 174 pages

Format: paperback

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Seemingly the lone survivor of an ancient battle between the forces of good and evil, the immortal being 'Aerion' has hidden himself and his secret in plain sight when he assumed the identity of Jack Walker, a handsome young horse trainer in rural Colorado. But all is not well, Jack is emotionally shattered, stricken with past memories and the loss of his soulmate in 1490 and unaware of the dark forces that are stalking Jack and those like him.

(Illustrated first edition) Proceeds from the sale of this novel go towards supporting wild and domestic horse rescue and sanctuary.

4.5 Boundless Stars

I must confess; I love anything fantasy, so this book appealed to me from the start. The suspense of the first paragraph had me hooked. I read most of the book in one day, stopping with only 3 chapters left because my eyelids were too heavy to continue. I was able to finish it the next morning though; I had to know what happened.

Dark Stallions is the first of a trilogy, and though readers will be rushing to get the second in the trilogy, The Revenge of Noxsor; it reads excellently as a stand-alone. I appreciate that, unlike most book ones in a series, Simpson did not end with a cliffhanger; however, it is left with a strong desire to continue with the trilogy. Personally, I can’t wait for the next book to become available!

I also love that I can share this book with my daughter and she will love it; we LOVE horses. Thank you for donating a portion of the sales to help rescue horses; that is very generous of you.

The only negative about this book is the errors throughout. Being an editor myself, it’s hard to overlook. I’m a reader that will read every single word and notice the errors too easily. I had to re-read over them so that took away from the flow of the book. This is the only reason it is not rated with 5 stars.

Overall, to sum it up, I loved Dark Stallion; it was a quick read with excellent writing; A strong 4.5 Boundless star book. I highly recommend it. It will make a perfect beach or plane trip read.

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