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Stormi's Review: Paradise Cursed by Chris Rogers



Released: April 1, 2016

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 249 pages

Format: ebook

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Captain Cord McKinsey, a pirate cursed in 1716 for doing a good deed, now operates his schooner, the Sarah Jane, as a cruise ship. Doomed to remain effectively ship-bound and within the Caribbean waters, Cord, 34, has often reinvented himself and his ship over these near 300 years. Though long despaired of ever breaking his curse, he becomes entwined in solving similar problems for passengers, problems that require extraordinary solutions. When his new Jamaican first mate, Ayanna, confesses she has been cursed by a Bokor, Cord agrees to help her locate a powerful shaman. But the Bokor’s plan is more heinous and far-reaching than anyone suspects. The lovely Ayanna fails to mention that her mind and body are changing, taking form as a ravenous reptile. Even with the help of a psychic passenger, Cord may lose the people he cares for as well as his ship, the only square footage on land or sea where pain is not his constant companion. Chris Rogers, best known for her novels of pure suspense, has previously confined any supernatural excursions to short stories featured in her Death Edge anthologies. In Paradise Cursed, Rogers gives imagination full rein to explore life’s darker mysteries.

Four Boundless Stars

This book was captivating; there are different viewpoints from the characters, and together their stories weave a magical story. Paradise Cursed is a very good read; a captivating tale of magic, curses, and fear and heartache. Each character has their own story; the captain, Cord McKinsey, was cursed 300 years ago and has remained in his ship since, using the magic of his ship, his knowledge to help passengers in need. Ayanna, the first mate, came aboard the "Sarah Jane" in hopes of getting help from the captain and the ships magic, she was cursed and needed it help removing the curse. Dayna and Erin are sisters who find themselves aboard the ship after Erin has a broken engagement; Erin uses her honeymoon cruise to take a trip with her little sister. Dayna is there for moral support and to live out her dream of sailing the world; she has to start somewhere. These stories, while very different, collide in a magical tale. Will they all be able to stay safe while helping one anther along the way? The story was good, but honestly, the writing needs a little bit of a touch up. There were several places where words were left out or misspelled. Grammatical issues always bug me, and as hard as I tried not to notice them, there were just too many in this book to overlook. If you can get past these issues, the story is an interesting read.

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