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Stormi's Review: The Daughter (The Richard Carter Novels #10) by A.R. Simmons

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Acorn Moon Press

Released: March 11, 2015

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Length: 330 pages

Format: ebook

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Blue Creek's "golden girl" is gone. Two days ago, Shara McGregor, the girl whose face adorns the junior college billboard on the highway, headed west to Springfield. A bright future lay ahead. After she completed her undergraduate degree, her mentor, former State Senator Willis Sparkes would pull the right strings to get her into a good law school. Despite her humble origins, the small-town girl seemed destined to be among the "movers and shakers." However, Shara never made it to Springfield. Yesterday, two counties away, three drunken teenagers found her car hidden in the woods near an abandoned cemetery in the Irish Wilderness area. Having lost the keys to their own car, they "borrowed" it to go home for another key. When a deputy stopped them, he found blood in the car--lots of blood. Since the girl came from Blue Creek, Hawthorn County has jurisdiction. Deputy Richard Carter begins what he assumes will be a short investigation. After all, this wasn't criminal genius at work--or was it? The more he learns about the girl, the more Richard becomes emotionally involved. She seems one of his own, one of the "good people." The obsessive-compulsive ex-Marine pours his soul into the investigation, spurred by an irrational fear that something similar could happen to his own seven-year-old daughter Mirabelle someday. Except for Shara's blood in the car, there is no physical evidence: no murder weapon, no crime scene, no body, and no one with a motive. There are no suspects and no motive. Everyone liked the girl, and she had no history of high-risk behavior. What happened to her shouldn't have. She wasn't that kind of girl. Don't imagine that everyone in a small town knows everything about everyone else. There are secrets. And there is evil to match anything in the wider world. If Shara had a secret that cost her life, what was it? Maybe it was someone else's secret.

Five Boundless Stars

When a car is found abandoned and a young girl goes missing the hunt begins. Where is Shara and why was her car in the woods? The Daughter was filled with action and mystery and it was excellent! From page one I was drawn in. The mystery surrounding Shara is a crazy one. The suspects are endless and the story was hard to solve. Most stories are easy to pick out who did what, but this book was shrouded in mystery and kept me guessing. It was written very well and told a very intriguing tale. The only thing I was at a loss for in this book was some of the back story. I understand that this book is #10 in a series and so I expected it, but it left me guessing as to what happened to Jill and with Robert. Maybe in the future I can find the time to read the earlier books and get the answers that now are bugging me about these characters. The ending to this book did leave one big Shara alive? Its just one of those things to be left up to the reader to decide I guess.

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