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Sara's Review: Fury of the Demon (Kara Gillian #6) by Diana Rowland

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Publisher: DAW

Narrator: Liv Anderson

Released: January 7, 2014

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Length: 484 pages

Format: ebook , paperback, audiobook

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Who can Kara Gillian trust? That’s what she’d like to know. Demon summoner and now a consultant for the FBI, Kara Gillian has spent the past several months in the demon realm training while recovering from the treachery of the demonic lord Rhyzkahl. Yet though the torment and betrayal she suffered at his hands continues to plague her, she’s not about to let that slow her down. Kara returns to Earth to search for a fellow summoner being held by allies of Rhyzkahl. Aiding in the hunt are Kara’s friends, FBI agents Ryan Kristoff and Zack Garner. However, Kara and Zack know Ryan’s true identity—though he himself does not—and questions of loyalty threaten to tear apart their previously close-knit group. Rhyzkahl’s machinations run deeper than they could have ever imagined, and the search for the missing summoner takes on a desperate edge while dangers from ancient demon oaths loom and enemies increase in power and numbers. Armed with her skills, wit, and attitude, it is up to Kara to save her friends and her world. The price of failure will be her soul.

Five Boundless Stars

I was happy we went back to Earth in book 6, and more familiar ground. Kara and her companions are once again solving a mystery; the mystery of where is Idris. There is so much going on with the evil Lords trying to take over the world; only Kara and Mzatal standing in the way, then there is the immanent Rowan threat. The action and suspense was nonstop.

I will admit that Diane Rowland broke my heart a bit in Fury of the Demon. Now if you been reading the series you know what is going on with Ryan, so it’s no surprise. If you haven’t read it, stop right now and don’t read any further, because this is a bit of a spoiler. I have been looking forward to Kara and Ryan getting together from the beginning of the series, but now with Szerain in charge, and Ryan slowly slipping away, my hopes are dashed and I am left broken hearted. Sniff, sniff.

The ending of this one is just a HUGE WOW! I am immediately starting the next one, Vengeance of the Demon.

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