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Lissa's Review: Damnation's Door (Cursed #3) by Amy Braun

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Self-Published

Released: June 7, 2016

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Length: 381 pages

Format: eBook, Paperback

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Demons are free. Angels are fallen. Hope is dying... Constance Ramirez and her adopted sister, Andromeda, have stopped Lucifer’s plan– They have closed the Heaven Gate and kept the demons out. But their choice came with brutal consequences, and now every angel on earth is trapped in their mortal body. All that remains is closing the Hell Gate and establishing a balance once and for all. That means returning to the city of Constance’s nightmares, which has become a haven for murderers and monsters. But even more dangerous than their hunt is that Andromeda’s powers and instincts are turning darker, and this time Constance doesn’t know how to protect her. Constance is ready to fight for her life, but her enemies have plans she can’t begin to imagine, and they’re prepared to make her suffer... Trust is lost and hearts are broken in the epic conclusion in Amy Braun’s Cursed trilogy...

Three (2.5) Boundless Stars

Damnations Door, starts off, right after heaven's gate being closed. They're in hiding, trying to come up with a plan. Constance is afraid that if Dro uses her powers it will be easier for them to find her. But Dro is struggling with this.

I felt through these books that Con and Dro had this bond with each other. It was more than sisters. It's what I really liked most about this story. That being said, I still felt the story lagged a bit.

There's a lot of action and world ending danger. They escape so many times and usually within minutes of being killed. I'm gonna say this is a good read, for those who love this genre.

Overall, I give it three (2.5) stars. It really sits on the cusp of being good/ok. I do love the covers, though.

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