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Stormi's Review: Fall, Leaves, Fall by Mike Driver

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Mike Driver

Released: August 29, 2014

Genre: Horror

Length: 270 pages

Format: ebook

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It’s 1998 and James Bridge has returned to his hometown twenty years after the apparent murder and disappearance of his childhood friend. However, Bridge soon finds himself an outsider in a community he once regarded as his own, forced to confront his past and that of his former friends as the killings begin again. Fall Leaves Fall is a compelling supernatural thriller.

Four Boundless Stars

This book literally gave me chills; It’s written to beg the reader not to put it down, to become part of this world of pain, fear, and mystery. Bridge is home after years of being away; his friend, Pete, was murdered years before, and now that he’s home, the mystery begins again. More boys are getting killed, and the only question now is by who? The original killer is dead; so now who is doing this? I really enjoyed this book; it was very descriptive, like a scary movie that sucks you in. It’s full of mystery, action and the mystery of what’s going on? Unlike many books where the killer it is easy to figure out early on; this book had me guessing from the beginning. I was truly shocked with the end. The only suggestion for improvement, would be the grammar; I found several spelling and grammar mistakes that affected the readability, causing me to reread a few sections to understand them. Other than that, the writing was good, very descriptive, and suspenseful.

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