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Sara's Review: Sins of the Demon (Kara Gillian #4) by Diana Rowland

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Publisher: DAW

Narrator: Liv Anderson

Released: January 3, 2012

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Length: 320 pages

Format: ebook , paperback, audiobook

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Louisiana homicide detective Kara Gillian is doing her best to cope with everything that's happened to her over the past year, all while s continuing to hone her skills as a demon summoner. But lately she's beginning to wonder if there's a little too much demon in her world. She has a demon for a roommate, the demonic lord Rhyzkahl is still interested in her for reasons she can't fathom, and now someone in the demon realm is trying to summon her. And there's no way that can end well. Meanwhile, people who've hurt Kara in the past are dropping dead. Kara is desperate to find the reasons for the deaths to clear her own name, but when she realizes there's an arcane pattern to the deaths, she knows that both the human and the demon worlds may be at risk unless she finds out who's behind it all. She's in a race against the clock and in a battle for her life that just may take her to hell and back.Sins of the Demon is the exciting fourth installment of the Kara Gillian series.

Five Boundless Stars

This time, we get to see more of a “human” side to the demons: specially Kara’s live in bodyguard/roommate. Their antics had me cracking up many times; but it wasn’t only there, the Demon Lord Rhyzkahl seems to be showing a softer side towards Kara, he can be almost tender with her, and not just during the throws of passion. Hmmm

Kara is given more and more clues on the big mystery that is Ryan; even though none of the demons can answer questions directly, and Ryan has absolutely no recall of what is going on. It’s a huge mystery that Kara is itching to solve. Then people who have once wronged her start popping up dead, Kara is be framed by someone, but why? Meanwhile, someone from the demon realm is trying to summon her to that side. Oh yeah, to say she has A LOT going on is putting it mildly.

The ending, OMG, the ending! I have been trying to read a few other books in between these, but nope I can’t, I have to KNOW what is happening! OMG, just WOW!

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