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Stormi's Review: Texas Yankee: Honeymoon (Texas Yankee #2) by Jerry Orange

Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Jerry P. Orange; 1 edition

Released: December 11, 2014

Genre: Historical Fiction

Length: 236 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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Texas Yankee: Honeymoon is the sequel to Texas Yankee: Homecoming. It is the continuing story of Joshua and Sarah Granger rebuilding their lives after the Civil War tore them apart. In Texas Yankee: Honeymoon, Joshua and Sarah Granger work together to build their dreams in the beautiful Central Texas Hill country in 1868. It is a time of growth for Texas as well as Joshua and Sarah and their adopted son Luke. But with that growth comes growing pains. Joshua and Sarah deal with the daily struggle of newlyweds building a ranch as well as personal struggles that test their relationship and puts them both in danger of being killed. Like most of us Joshua and Sarah experience success and hardship in business and friendships. When an honorable decision goes bad and Joshua lands in jail, the family pulls together. Texas Yankee: Honeymoon is a wild ride for a young family who sticks together through good times and bad even if it means the possibility of getting carried off or killed by Comanche, hung by vigilantes, or going to prison.

Five Boundless Stars

I was asked to review the first book Texas Yankee: Homecoming and when I saw this one on Kindle Unlimited I couldn’t pass it up. The first book was an awesome book of history, love, and war. This book was a great continuation to the story of so many. Honeymoon follows Joshua and Sarah Granger as they continue to build not only their marriage, but also their ranch after the war. Along the way they have their ups and downs. It also continues the stories of the other characters from the first book. I absolutely loved this story. It was full of love and hope and growth. Stories like this always grab me and the characters continued to work their ways into my heart. This book has so much history and tells a real story. Life isn't always simple. Sometimes it's hard and people are hurt. This book has the good and the bad. It was just as awesome, maybe even a little better than the first. I absolutely LOVED the ending. A great end to a great book.

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