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Sara's Review: Rough (Chicago Underground #1) by Skye Warren

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Released: May 24, 2015

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Length: 162 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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I'm a cautionary tale. A statistic. A victim. A single teenage mother from the poor part of town. Most of the time I'm too busy working and struggling to care what people think. Survival doesn't come easy. I have a dark secret, a pressure valve, a rare moment just for myself. On these nights I visit a club. There I find men who give me what I need. Men who aren't afraid to take what they want. Men like Colin. But he takes more than a few stolen hours. He demands more than my body. He wants my heart and soul--my happily ever after. I never thought I'd be Cinderella. I never thought a man that rough could be my prince.

Two (1.5) Boundless Stars

This book was hard to read because, in one way, I really felt and cared for Allie; yet, in another, I couldn’t stand her. She is a victim of a horrendous crime that happens all too often to women. It makes her stronger in one sense, but almost weaker in another. She has become a victim, has not been able to move on, and has developed a rather jacked way of coping with her trauma. The fact that she can hold it together, and be a wonderful mother is what makes her strong. The fact that she hasn’t received the proper help she needs, and still blames herself makes her weak. Yes, I am aware of this being the case, in reality all too often. I still didn’t like reading it. I thank God that I have never had to endure such a violation, and I pray I never do. However, knowing myself the way I do, I would like to think I wouldn’t feel it was my fault.

I am not sure where the series is going from here, but I’m quite sure Allie should get help. However, I am not going to stick through and read any more about this damaged girl; I just don’t have the capacity or energy.

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