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Beth's Review: Wicked Whispers (Dangerous Desires #2) by Tina Donahue

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Released: May 24, 2016

Genre: Historical Romance

Length: 222 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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Follow the heart through darkness . . . As the Inquisition gains force, even the faintest rumor can brand one a heretic. In this world it is Sancha's gift--or curse--to be blessed with the gift of healing. But the villagers are in need of her arts more than ever, and she feels it is her duty to help them at the risk of losing her life. And at the sacrifice of her heart . . . Enrique has never wanted a woman as he does Sancha. Determined to have her love, he woos her with exquisite passion, giving her refuge to pursue her healing in secret. But their very desire and escape from the ruthless forces of the world may be their undoing. And together, they must pit themselves against a jealous rival and archaic tradition to secure their place in a hopeful new dawn . .

4.5 Boundless Stars

This was steaming hot! I am usually not into the “hot” books like this but Donahue wrote it in a respectably sexy way, so I enjoyed it. I love the idea of strong independent woman as a main character, and making her a talented healer was even more of a plus.

This was the first Tina Donahue book I’ve read and I didn’t realize it was part of a series so it’s great as a stand-alone. It’s well written with developed characters; I quick and smooth read. It’s great for a beach or bedtime book.

Overall, I loved it and rate it with 4.5 Boundless Stars.

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