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Beth's Review: Lady of the Dead (Night World #1) by Gretchen S.B.

Author Provided Copy


Released: October 30, 2013

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance

Length: 262 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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A Lady of the Dead only comes along once in a century. Gwen knows this makes her valuable but she hates the constant supervision of her Warrior guards. Her increasing power has gifted her some independence until rumors of war spook her guards enough to report to the King. Cesar has been King of North America through several wars and rebellions. When one of his generals informs him these new rumors involve the Lady of the Dead he flies to Seattle himself it investigate, posing as his second-in-command. The instant attraction he feels to Gwen becomes increasingly hard to ignore. Will Cesar be able to protect Gwen while battling his lust? Will Gwen stay with her warrior guards or will Cesar's dominating nature push her to switch sides? Hidden alliances surface in Lady of the Dead.

Five (4.5) Boundless Stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am so glad I accepted this one! It’s different from the unusual dark world stories; in such a wonderful way. I can already tell the Night World Series is going to be one of those surprise-around-every-corner series. The characters are well developed; each has a personality expressed perfectly through the writing, along with the some hilarious banter in their conversations. Lady of the Dead has suspense, action, romance, and friendship bonds like none other. I rate Lady of the Dead: Night World Series Book 1 with 4.5 Boundless Stars. I really loved it! I look forward to more of the Night World Series from Gretchen.

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