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Beth's Review: How the Wolf Lost Her Heart by Sarah Brownlee

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Sarah Brownlee

Released: September 17, 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Length: 303 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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Set against the backdrop of a dystopian London where thugs and criminals run rife, Skye Archer possesses a rare gift, the ability to transform into her spirit animal at will. Widely regarding her morphing ability as a curse, Skye's aim is to keep it a secret at all costs. But one day she meets the intriguing and affluent, Raphael Renzo, who soon proves to have a secret of his own, one that could heal the downtrodden city and affect Skye in ways she never thought possible... This debut Young Adult Paranormal Romance novel from Sarah Brownlee is a compelling and gripping read, taking the reader into a world where both the heart of a city and the heart of a girl are simultaneously pierced by one man.

Four Boundless Stars

I was asked to read How the Wolf Lost Her Heart in exchange for an honest review. Well, I honestly loved it. Skye is one of those characters almost everyone can relate to; she tough, yet emotional; independent, yet the perfect girlfriend material; and confident yet, not so confident.

Set in a future where law is non-existent, bought or crooked. Skye and her mom live together in their long time family home, in spite of the crime. Skye, being a wolf-shifter, can take care of herself with no problem, yet her mother is still a bit over protective and worries about her, a lot. As a mom, I can sympathize with her, especially after knowing how she lost her husband, Skye’s dad.

The story really gets started when Skye is mugged while walking home. Of course she immediately prepares to defend herself; her only concern is, though she only wants to scare them off, she may end up killing the thugs. That’s funny. This is when Raphael shows up to play the hero and scares the criminals off. This is when Skye and Raphael first meet; let’s just say, first impressions aren’t always the best.

After this, the relationship roller-coaster ride begins. Their love-hate relationship brings everything to the story. You love, hate, laugh, sympathize with, and you may even start yelling at the book. No, I NEVER do that, ha ha. There are so many surprising twists; How the Wolf Lost Her Heart is far from predictable.

The writing was smooth, the story was fun, and the imagery was realistic. The only thing that took away from the story was the editing; there were mistakes throughout the books, as well as, several in the most inconvenient places. Overall, the book was great and I loved it, so I feel confident with a 4 Boundless star rating.

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