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Stormi's Review: Texas Yankee: Homecoming (Texas Yankee #1) by Jerry Orange

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Jerry Orange

Released: January 18, 2014

Genre: Historical Fiction

Length: 228 pages

Format: ebook , paperback, audiobook

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Texas Yankee: Homecoming is an adventurous love story set in Central Texas during the turbulent years following the Civil War. After fighting in the Yankee Cavalry, Joshua Granger returns to Texas to marry beautiful Sarah Lynne Smith in spite of the fact that one of her Confederate brothers has tried to kill him. Joshua and Sarah refuse to let anything stop them from becoming man and wife in this dramatic tale of triumph.

A hopeful love letter from Sarah sets Joshua on an unusual journey from Kentucky to Texas in early 1866. With a couple of good horses and some big ideas he leaves the security of family and inheritance behind for the love of a strong woman on the Texas frontier. In Arkansas, Joshua takes on the responsibility of a mentally challenged orphan and is saddled with two wagons full of prostitutes who need a guide to Dallas. In the meantime Sarah is planning their wedding in spite of her mother's protests while she waits anxiously for Joshua's return.

Upon arrival in Georgetown, Texas Joshua finds that he is unwelcome in the community and marrying Sarah is not the foregone conclusion he expected it to be. The next year is filled with the humor and hardship of homesteading a ranch, fighting Comanche and outlaws, breaking wild horses, catching and branding wild cattle, and hunting buffalo. In between the work, Joshua tries to fulfill the obligations of courtship as required by Sarah's family before they will bless her marriage to the Yankee.

The gritty realism, the heartache, and the laughter that goes into making this frontier family brings Reconstruction Era Texas to life.

Five Boundless Stars

In the United States Civil War, it pitted brother against brother in a scar that shaped our nation to what it is today. Those men made decision that shaped their lives and family well beyond the war and they had to suffer the consequences of standing behind their convictions. Joshua decided to fight against the confederacy and stand up for his believes. After the war when he returns home to Texas to marry his beloved he doesn’t receive the welcome he hoped for. Texas Yankee: Homecoming, tells of his journey home and his journey to build a life in Texas. It shows the life he has and is building and the people that come in to his life that can only be named as family. Joshua’s story was excellent. It was engaging and full of action and romance. There was death and survival but also love and hope. It was really written well and was a great read from start to finish. I absolutely loved the ending. It was a great way to end this book. I would love to read more about this amazing family!

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