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Beth's Review: Tongues by Sam Joyce

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Strictly 6/6

Released: April 3, 2016

Genre: Horror

Length: 285 pages

Format: ebook

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When journalist Catherine Cobb arrives in the East Texas town of Elena, she quickly finds herself fighting for her life. Something is spreading through the population, turning ordinary civilians into murderers capable of committing the most heinous crimes. As the body count continues to rise, Catherine walks into one nightmare after another, uncovering a secret plot involving a group of neo-Nazis, top-level federal government, and the strange world of the occult--with global implications. Before long, Catherine finds herself trapped in a terrifying world that she doesn't understand. And might not escape from.

Five Boundless Stars

I have to admit, this is not a book I would choose for myself. This title was offered to me in exchange for an honest review so I figured, “why not?” At first, it seemed like a regular book, and then BAM! Surprise, something freaky is happening here!

I couldn’t help but feel empathy for Catherine at times, but then I wanted to slap her for her stupid choices the next! I mean seriously! The story isn’t that damn important! She is one dedicated journalist. I would have booked my bum out of town the first night!

This book is full of shocking twists and action packed horror. Not to mention, I learned more about the black magic called “Palo” than I ever needed to know! This book is definitely a page turner with non-stop suspense. I recommend it to anyone who loves suspense; just try not to scream at the book like I did, people look at you weird when you do that.

Overall, Tongues is an excellent read. A 5 Boundless Star book!

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