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Stormi's Review: The Man in the Golden Mask by N. A. Wetzel

Author Request/Kindle Unlimitd

Publisher: Pen Dragon Publishing

Released: April 14, 2015

Genre: Paranorma, Urban Fantasy

Length: 356 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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There is a darkness falling over the crescent city during the most cheerful times of the year. And there is a mystery that begs to be solved. Charlotte Summers is forced to come home after the death of her biological parents. Having been raised by her grandmother, a voodoo priestess, she returns to say her good-byes to her parents that she knew little about, and support her grieving grandmother. Soon after returning, she loses her high school sweetheart to a weaseling cheerleader. Tina, Charlotte's best friend, is there for her through it all. But things change New Orleans in a dark way after the arrival of a mysterious man, Cassius, whom bought the Nottoway Plantation shows up. Murders start to occur, dead bodies drained of blood and shriveled up like mummies are floating in the Mississippi River, and dumped in dark alleys. As Charlotte is drawn to the Mysterious new owner of the Nottoway Plantation, she is pulled into a world that is dark, dangerous, alluring... and turning the Mississippi river blood red. Are Charlotte and Tina safe from the horrors that surround them, or are they just the next victims to a creature of legend?

Five Boundless Stars

The Man in The Golden Mask was a great read! It had a bit of a slow start, but once it picked up it was awesome! Charlotte is going home to live with her granny after the death of her parents and her epic failure in school. She comes home hoping for normal, but then her boyfriend breaks up with her. She soon finds herself tagging along with her best friend Tina to a mysterious ball. There she meets and falls for the one man she probably shouldn’t. Why? Well, he’s a vampire. She soon finds herself on a journey that will change her life forever. This book was full of action, mystery, and magic. It brings the story of Van Helsing and the vampires into a new light and it made the story so interesting to read. I absolutely loved the ending.

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