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Sara's Review: Crow: Boston Underworld, Book 1 A. Zavarelli (Author, Publisher), Tracy Marks

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Released: February 8, 2016

Genre: Romance, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Length: 300 pages

Format: ebook, paperback, audiobook

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He’s a killer. A mobster. The last man on earth I’d ever want to be with. I won’t lose my head just because he’s hot, Irish, and has a wicked accent to boot. He’s one of the only leads in my best friend’s disappearance, and I don’t trust him. So I’ve got a few rules in mind when it comes to dealing with Lachlan Crow. 1. Keep a clear head and don’t get distracted. 2. Do what’s necessary and never forget why you’re there. 3. Never, and I mean never, fall for him. Fourth and final rule? Throw out the book altogether. Because the rules don’t apply when it comes to the Irish mafia. It was only supposed to be temporary, but now Lachlan thinks he owns me. He says he’s not letting me go. And I believe him. *** Lachlan. I don’t know who she is. I don’t know why she’s here. But if it’s my attention she wants, she has it. The Russians want her dead, and now it’s up to me to look out for her. This girl is trouble. A distraction I can’t afford. So why have I already decided she’s mine? I’ve claimed her and there’s no going back now. This is a full-length standalone novel full of hot Irish bad boys with accents. Steamy and dark mafia themes throughout. HEA included.

Five Boundless Stars

I LOVE me a bad boy and oh my, is Lachlan Crow a bad boy. I’m NOT talking abusive, I’m talking a no holds, gets sh*t done, straight kill a mother f*%ker who crosses him; yet protect his woman like a feral beast type of bad boy. Yeah! That guy. I LOVE it!

I wasn’t too sure at the start of this audiobook; I mean seriously, Mackenzie start off as a female MMA fight/stripper. It was just strange; yet, all she is trying to do is find out what happened to her friend. Throughout her infiltration of the MacKenna Syndicate, there were many times I thought the girl was out of her head, and she honestly had me cringing at some of the crap she pulled. At the same time; I couldn’t help but love her, her spirit, determination and loyalty.

Lachlan was yummy from the start; I loved how he fought his attraction to Mackenzie every step of the way, yet he still protected her and did everything he needed to in order to keep her safe. Even when she royally screws up, his first priority is her and protecting her. I loved it, and I loved him.

The twist and turns in the story were crazy, and the surprises kept coming. I never dreamed who was behind Mackenzie’s friend’s disappearance; that blew me away. I was worried that this was going to set us up for a huge cliff hanger, and the story wasn’t going to conclude. I am happy to say that book one is a complete story with a great HAE. We do get a cliffhanger, but it’s the lineup to the next book. I would also like to point out that I adored Tracy Marks narration. LOVED the accents! I can’t wait to see what comes next. I am rating Crow: Boston Underworld, Book 1 five Boundless stars. I loved it!

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