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Sara's Reviews: Boots on the Ground: A Wrestling with Romance Novella by Holly Tierney-Bedord

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited


Released: March 28, 2016

Genre: Literature & Fiction, Sports

Length: 117 pages

Format: ebook

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As the owner of the world's largest professional wrestling establishment, Lucille Boots doesn't have time for dating. She's too busy keeping her wrestlers happy, getting choke-slammed on national television, and spending time with her college-aged daughter to worry about something as tedious as romance. When her ex-husband sets out to recapture the empire he helped build, Lucille's life goes from hectic to haywire. The only bright spot she can see is with the ultimate off-limits option: a professional wrestler. Will she break her own rules for love, or will it be business as usual?

Three Boundless Stars

To call this a “Wrestling Romance” is really a misnomer. This is straight up women’s fiction with a light clean romance; nothing wrong with it. I found it to be very cute. I say this because I know the title may turn some off; they may not want to read a book about wrestling.

The story revolves around Lucille who owns a large wrestling organization; think WWE. Lucile is 45, divorced, and just existing. Things start to change for her when she meets Demetri, and at the same time, her ex-husband decides to rebuild his old Wrestling Empire. Lucile’s life starts to change and change in big ways.

I know what you’re thinking. It sounds like it has to do with wrestling. Wrestling is the background or framework to the story; not the story. Boots on the Ground is clean, sometimes cheesy, sometimes funny, sweet romance that is worth the time. At 117 pages it really takes no time at all. It really is a quick cute read.

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