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Beth's Review: Third Party Babe Rules by Andrew Bushard

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Free Press Media Press

Released: January 13, 2016

Genre: Erotica

Length: 296 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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18+ Angela is an Emirati American who lives to advance political third parties. She especially loves the party she founded, the Vision Revolution Party. She happens to meet a stud named Jack, who consequently despises third parties. Angela and Jack agree to face off in a formal political debate. The stakes are high: The loser will have to sexually submit to the winner. You won't want to pass up this novella.

Two Boundless Stars

While reading Third Party Babe Rules; I was reminded of a friend, the friend we all have, the one that has no filter, and is constantly talking. The one friend who has a hard time understanding the concept that somethings just should not be shared. Now take that friend, add the strange fantasies some men have about the “perfect girlfriend”, the one that doesn’t exist, the one that is into unconventional sex. OK, now you have Angela, the main character of this book.

You probably think this is a political book; as you should, based on the title. Well, there is some political issues discussed, but only between the weird shit that keeps coming from this girl’s mouth. No, I didn’t like her and couldn’t relate to anything she said in this book. Even if I could relate, I have enough self-respect not to share it. I don’t want to spoil the book for you so I will just give a few examples of the self-degrading weirdness.

“I pray that God will give me a husband that loves anal sex”

“I love anal sex, I shove dildos up there all the time, and I don’t even need lubrication”

If that’s not weird enough for you; how about this? Angela says all this, and she’s a virgin!

On a positive note, the writing was grammatically correct and there weren’t a lot of errors with spelling and the use of words.

To sum it all up, I would completely recommend this for anyone in the mood to read dialect of a babbling, immature 29 year old virgin, with a severe case of ADHD, talk about sex and politics.

As for me; I give it 2 boundless stars, I didn’t like it.

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