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Stormi's Review: And One Stayed Home by Janice Roane & Ripley Roane Jr

Kindle Unlimited


Released: January 9, 2016

Genre: Historical Fiction

Length: 269 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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Authors Janice Roane and Ripley Roane Jr. recreate a fictional but factual journey of five Louisiana boys who come of age as the United States enters WWII after the Pearl Harbor attack. Their stories give a glimpse of small town life in the early forties, following each boy as he meets his destiny.

Three Boundless Stars

The world is torn apart by war and in one small town the young men begin leaving. The lives of 5 young men change the day Pearl Harbor is bombed. Of the 5 boys, one is left home unable to fight. These boys fight over color discriminations, they fight for freedom, and they fight to get back home. I really wanted to love And One Stayed Home. I love history, but this book just wasn't what I had hoped. The writing is a bit jumbled and it was easy to get lost as to who was who at times. Most of the boys in the book had nicknames and it would switch in the same sentence from his real name to his nickname. It was really confusing. I found a lot of spelling/grammatical issues as well. Being a reviewer this has always bothered me. The story WAS good. Each boy had a war to fight not only for themselves, but for their country. And One Stayed Home showed the bravery of the men that fought such a horrible war. As the book went on the story got better, but it just didn't grab me the way I had hoped it would.

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