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Lissa's Review: Relentless (Book 1) by Alyson Reynolds

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Alyson Reynolds

Released: April 26, 2016

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Length: 191 pages

Format: ebook

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Violet Montgomery's life is far from average. At twenty-seven, she's semi-retired from her successful acting career and has one divorce under her belt. She traded in early call times for sleeping in and travelling the world. All Violet wants is to enjoy the peace and quiet away from controlling mother and asshole ex, but when the role of a lifetime comes up for grabs she has to have it. Jaxon Garrett is a sexy Aussie surfer that accidentally broke into the acting scene in Hollywood. When his father died two years ago, he decided that going to America was the best way to get away from all the pain. He falls for Violet fast and hard, but his past makes him keep her at arm's length. He’s been burned before and doesn’t plan on repeating the same mistake again. Violet wants to keep her heart safe, but she doesn’t know how to protect it and let Jax in. Does she confront her past so she can learn to trust, or will she push him away and forget any chance of a future they might have together?

Two Boundless Stars

Violet is an actress and hasn't acted in a long time. But the right role comes around and is selected as the main character. A dream role. Little does she know Jaxon will be playing opposite her and that's when things really start happening for her.

Violet and Jaxon begin this relationship from the start. To me it felt like the book was really rushed, so it could get to all these dramatic parts. I was hoping there would be more of the movie being made. But it was more about Jaxon and Violet and their relationship. There was a dramatic turn, quite often; like it was just thrown in. I did not connect with any of the characters. And honestly was not a fan of Violet. I understood her reservations about being in another relationship, but felt like she was very juvenile.

This story didn't have the impact I'd hoped. Overall, I have to give this book a two. I feel in many ways it could of been better.

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