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Beth's Review: A Lady's Submission (The Warriors of Ar'mora #1) by Frank Carlyle

Author Provided Copy

Publisher: Christian Erotica Press

Released: December 31, 2015

Genre: Erotica

Length: 101 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

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Last of a clan that once ruled over a vast trade network and determined the fate of empires, Mahlon Arn, has the task of reclaiming a place once lost and now hidden within the jungled corridors of a tributary river that feeds into the mighty Amazon River. It’s a past that almost no one remembers except for the few who dare to return and once more reclaim all that once was and begin to build what is to become. Journey deep into the jungle and follow the story of a warrior who reclaims a kingdom, only to ache for the completion of a prophecy spoken over him by a dying father. A prophecy that comes in the form of a red haired fantasy lady, who is born up the river by chance and circumstance or perhaps by Divine will, and that must be claimed and utterly brought into submission by the man, who has been tasked to not only reclaim a past but to build a future based on righteousness. A Lady’s Submission is the beginning of a five book journey into the exotic realms of a place that has never been spoken of and is now just beginning to be realized through the lives of the five remaining blood heirs of the House of Arn, of the kindred of people known to the ancient world as the Ar’morians. This is a tale of overcoming faith and erotic conquest. A reality of an ancient place comes alive in this tale of Christian Erotic Themed Fantasy Fiction.

Four Boundless Stars

The first chapter was awesome. It was definitely written to draw the reader into the story; it was so emotional, we HAVE to read more to learn about this family. It then picks up ten years later from the point of view of someone new. Later, the characters are brought together is the most unexpected and phenomenal way. This part of the book was awesome.

As you read on, you quickly discover the book certainly fits the title; “submission” is experienced at its fullest. Though Anna, the main character, is very submissive; she is also a strong woman, and I MUST include, her strength comes from her faith in Christ. I love that aspect of the story. It’s not very often; I find a book that will share a Christian woman’s life as a REAL woman, not a prune. Yes, there’s a shocker; being a woman of Faith doesn’t mean we don’t have sex. We just keep it in our marriage.

I really loved this book, but there were a FEW things in the book that had me rereading the section and asking; WHAT was that? First of all; the part where her brother in law comments on her sexiness, this contributed nothing to the story and could have been left out. Second and this was big WHAT? When Anna quoted Leviticus 18:22, in the middle of sex, she was made to seem extremely naïve. She used this verse in comparison to anal sex? Really? This just goes to prove how “verse pulling” will never allow the reader to fully comprehend the true intention of why it was written. Ironically, this is the same verse several “Self-proclaimed Christians” pull to angrily protest equal rights. Please read the entire Bible before pulling ANY single verse. Sorry, I had to include that.

With all this being said, I still loved A Lady’s Submission and feel it deserves a strong 4 Boundless star rating.

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