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Sara's Review: Diamond (V Vices #1) by Tigris Eden


Publisher: Kats Kreative Ideas

Released: April 26, 2016

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction

Length: 229 pages

Format: ebook,

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The first book in a new series by Author Tigris Eden. Beyond the Red Door, everything has a price. Eons ago, the comet Biel passed through Earth’s atmosphere, depositing Travelers and leaving behind remnants that drastically altered the planet and its inhabitants. Hundreds of years later, mutation and evolution have left behind a desolate wasteland and dangers beyond comprehension. The last remnants of the human race are clinging to life, living in the ruins of Earth’s major cities and struggling to survive. Technology is scarce, and what little remains comes from the very thing that almost destroyed them. Monsters roam the streets, and fear and duplicity rule. The fallout from the comet has mutation spreading, disfiguring men and twisting their minds, turning them into carnivores and savages that threaten the city and its people. Amidst the chaos, one man rules as Sovereign and corners the market on both technology and trade. To Lavarious Diamond, everything is for sale or trade. The only question is how much it’s worth. When a mysterious woman comes to the Quarry and promises a huge payday, Diamond’s tidy life is shaken up, and he finds himself uncharacteristically helping her. Along the way, secrets and deceit abound. When the truth comes out, nothing and nobody will ever be the same.

Five (Huge) Boundless Stars

I feel like if I just write WOW!, that will cover the review, yet I know I need to provide more than one word.

Let’s begin with the official stuff, I was provided a copy of Diamond in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley. the cover drew me in; I mean seriously; this has to be one of the best covers I’ve seen in a long time. Once I read the book, it ultimately NAILED the female protagonist, Nadya.

I have been drawn to post-apocalyptic stories for a while and read so many. This is a world where every breath is a fight, water is scarce, and food… Well, what do people do when food runs low? It’s savage, raw, and depicts a nightmare world. The imagery was brutal yet so realistic; I was thankful for my fresh glass of water.

Nothing in this story went how I thought. NOTHING.

Diamond, at one point, was probably an honorable man; yet through this hard life and choices he has made, and the power he has, he’s become a tyrant. What’s the saying? “Ultimate power corrupts ultimately.” Yes, I think that sums up Diamond.

“I’m going to use everything you got, to get everything I need, and give you the leftovers I don’t want.”

He is a bastard in the biggest way and only cares about himself; yet, when Nadya is introduced into his world, he starts to thaw that frozen heart, in little bits, I mean by 1/16. Nadya also blows his world apart, and shows Diamond his isn’t in such a position of ultimate power as he thought. This realization is a brutal blow to this megalomaniac, and this is where things really start to turn; I was given a big WTF and I realized the story wasn’t going to be anything I thought. Oh no, it’s wasn’t. Eden warned us in the preface, but oh holy hell! I’m still reeling.

Again, the best word to sum up the story is WOW. Diamond is so brutally raw in the realities of humanity and the base instinct to survive. I am giving this story a HUGE 5 Boundless Stars. I cannot wait for the next book!

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